It's Alive

  • Aug. 28th, 2009 at 9:50 AM
poeticsoul: (Default)
I am around. It's been a little over a week since I last updated. I haven't really been alert enough to do any major updates. Nor have I been able to sit long enough to do one. My hip is doing better but my knee has gotten worse. It's all swollen and looks misshapened. I can't get it replaced until next year though which sucks but they need to make sure my hip is fully healed first. I got my stitches pulled out Wednesday and my hip itches like a bitch but I know that means it's healing. Physical therapy here at home is going well and next week I will be able to put my full weight back on my hip again. Yay! Tae is back in school but he still is a big help around here for me. He got a facebook account on Wednesday because he wanted some new games to play like Mafia Wars so I set him up with one and told him he's not allowed to add anyone without my permission unless he actually knows them. I sat yesterday and Wednesday for two hours each time and my knee ends up regretting it.

I want to get a True Blood layout for my lj and dw accounts but don't know where the hell to get one from. I may just make my own when I feel 100% better to sit without regetting it later.

Well my pain pill is making me sleepy. Later ya'll!