No where different

  • Sep. 28th, 2009 at 1:30 PM
poeticsoul: (Default)
Still around. Basically been trapped to the confines of my bed. Not fun and definitely not somewhere different. I have been on Twitter a lot. More so in my role playing character form than my actual self. I was accepted as a True Blood Original Character as well as my ex has too. I am a vampire named Elena (changed my name to the Spanish version of it) who is engaged to a human and is wondering who my maker is. My ex plays Justin (he and I are have no imagination when it comes to changing our real names lol) who is a 4th year resident doctor. You can find me at and you'll find me talking to mainly him, Sookie, Chow, Claudine, Godric, Jessica, and a few fae, humans, or weres. I think it's the closest thing I will get to getting any writing accomplished because all morning I have been trying to push the writer's block off me and the end result has wound up in the trash! Elaina fail.

Trying to return my pixel site back to normal has only brought major headache. My current host had to wipe everyone out of the system because of a virus and the need for server updating. So trying to restore the database file isn't working and she cut out the unlimited subdomains and MySql databases so I can't proceed until I move hosts on the 1st and start all over from scratch and that will be slow going because I can't sit at my computer too long without pain. Stupid knees! So right now my site is at a standstill. Well it's cold here so I am gonna take a hot shower and make some tea with hopes it will help some! Later.

Don't Be A Douchebag!

  • Sep. 22nd, 2009 at 10:31 PM
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Not much going on here. Got doctor's appointments booked for the next three weeks. Fun fun. I hate doctors! Next Wednesday I have to get an MRI done on my knees at 5pm. Lovely gotta deal with good old Chi-town rush hour traffic both ways. However, knees may not have collapsed yet. The swelling is down so he got a better look at them. May be able to stall replacement time with core decompressions instead.

Other than that today my ex called talking about coming over to hang out. To me the whole call smelled of a booty call. No thank you. I'd rather be calling for the booty call and using him instead of letting him use me again. Besides can't have sex for another three weeks and by then Aunt Flo will be back again. Pointless calling me. Call another girl in your black book of chics! He still owes me a gift come to think about it. Maybe after Aunt Flo next month I'll call in a birthday gift favor! lmao!

Well I am off to read before taking a lunesta and going to bed. Got PT in the morning. Lord please don't let anymore exes pop out at me! Night!