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  • May. 17th, 2009 at 3:07 PM
poeticsoul: (Default)
I am still sick with this stupid ass cold.  That's one of things I hate about having Sickle Cell, your immune system sucks to pieces.  A cold that should last a day or two for you all lasts a week or two for me.  Yuck! I broke my fever but everything else I still have.  I'll probably get a fever again though because Tae is now sick with a cold and guess who'll get his leftover germs? Moi!  Anyways, I haven't done too much.  I've basically been trying to get my theme week together (for more info and resting.  Last night however mom, Tae, and I took in a movie.  We saw Star Trek.  Hey I grew up on the show thanks to mom in the days we only had 1 tv (a second wasn't introduced until I was 10 and Tae has always had his own so he never had to watch what I watch).  But the movie was awesome! I think I found another hunk besides Edward I like. Chris Pine's role as James T. Kirk! LOL yeah give grief about it.  Anyways, next weekend we go see Wolverine X-Men Origins.  Yay! I love Wolverine especially of all the X-Men.  Cyclops and Storm are a tie for second. Okay enough.  I have to take a nap.  I have been up since 6 am for no reason except having to blow my nose.  My neck hurts from sitting here all day.  Time to relax.


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