A Lil Bit..

  • Nov. 5th, 2009 at 11:25 AM
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Just a little update on things here.  Still trapped in my bed.  It's driving me stir-crazy. I go out yesterday but it wasn't exactly fun.  It was JB's 32nd birthday so he picked me up and took me to a party his sister was throwing for him.  Turns out she invited more of her friends from work than his own friends.  She made it a birthday/business party. Some party. Snoozeville. JB said fuck it so Russ, Tommy, and I left. We ended up back at JB's place to drink.  Russ did 18 shots of Everclear and some other shit  that I stopped watching his intake.  I just did a couple shots of Everclear, had 4 screwdrivers, and 2 double shots of Kamikazes. Tommy just had beers and JB just had jack and cokes.  Got home around 3 this morning. Russ and Tommy are at work with headaches.  JB who knows. Seems fine to tweet though.  Russ is just spouting off on Twitter when he can.  Tommy is silent.  I'm fine though.

Stupid knees kill though.  I wish fall/winter season was over so I could get them fixed. Blah!  I updated my pixel site yesterday with a few things from Lovelight Pixels.  Just downloaded some things from Odd Pixels to work on when I can sit long enough.  I also bought a tube set from Rosey Posey Pixels.  Eh. Frankly this pain dampens my want to be on my computer much less be creative much. It sucks.  Big time. Well I am off. My knee is hurting sitting at this computer, but I had a serious pile of email to go through.


Well That's Fucked Up!

  • Sep. 15th, 2009 at 6:23 PM
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Today I fucked up my knee even more. I had been walking around my apartment all day without my walker. Well my knee felt like it was about go out from under me but I maintained my balance like any other time it feels that way. Well today was definitely different. I caught my balance and as I proceeded to continue walking from the kitchen back to my room a pain from knee to my toes started up. I couldn't walk any further but I had no choice since my walker was in my room. I think I made my knee collapse more that I might have cracked my shin bone a bit but I won't know until next Tuesday when I see my orthopedic surgeon. All I know is the pain is excrutiating. This is what get for not obeying the physical therapist and continuing to use my walker. But the damn thing slows me down a lot. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck!!!


Life As It Is

  • Sep. 7th, 2009 at 9:17 PM
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It's been one painful week and an out of whack weekend. I've been put on bedrest until I can get my knee replaced which will be sometime next year. Can you imagine how insane I will become from sheer boredom? I know what it'll be like after just one week of it! Blah is what it will be! Such fun.

Anyway my weekend had me totally off kilter. After being up about 72 hours during the week and having bad cramps I crashed some what Saturday by sleeping from twelve-thirty in the afternoon to nine. I got up for something to drink then went back to sleep till four in the morning. I stayed up for two hours and went back to sleep till almost ten in the morning. I ate breakfast and felt nauseous all day long. I told my mom I just felt really off. She suggested it was the pain med withdrawls since I don't use them every six hours each day like I used to. It's possible! I'm still not 100% today either but I managed to eat three meals today which was next to impossible all weekend. Well I am tired so I'm gonna watch Unborn now. Have good one!


It's Alive

  • Aug. 28th, 2009 at 9:50 AM
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I am around. It's been a little over a week since I last updated. I haven't really been alert enough to do any major updates. Nor have I been able to sit long enough to do one. My hip is doing better but my knee has gotten worse. It's all swollen and looks misshapened. I can't get it replaced until next year though which sucks but they need to make sure my hip is fully healed first. I got my stitches pulled out Wednesday and my hip itches like a bitch but I know that means it's healing. Physical therapy here at home is going well and next week I will be able to put my full weight back on my hip again. Yay! Tae is back in school but he still is a big help around here for me. He got a facebook account on Wednesday because he wanted some new games to play like Mafia Wars so I set him up with one and told him he's not allowed to add anyone without my permission unless he actually knows them. I sat yesterday and Wednesday for two hours each time and my knee ends up regretting it.

I want to get a True Blood layout for my lj and dw accounts but don't know where the hell to get one from. I may just make my own when I feel 100% better to sit without regetting it later.

Well my pain pill is making me sleepy. Later ya'll!

The Vampire Named Elaina

  • May. 5th, 2009 at 1:15 PM
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You want to know a real vampire?  Come talk to me and I'll tell you the tale of the vampire named Elaina.  LOL! In all seriousness I am literally down about the way shit is going right now.  I have to have 7 pints of blood transfused in the next few days starting tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow I will be getting 3 pints.  Thursday I go for a type & cross (a way to find a donor).  Friday I get 2 more units, plus a type and cross.  Then I go for 2 more on Monday.  Hopefully it'll get me through to have surgery on the 14th.  This truly fucking sucks.  Tired of being a pincushion and tired of blood transfusions.  I want to cry so bad that I basically am fighting my own inner self to not do it.  It's a hard fight.  Watch I'll end up giving up that fight and crying myself to sleep!  I am so tempted to say fuck it and just deal with the agonizing pain to the point of needing a wheelchair.  I hate this life!  I wouldn't wish this shit on my own worst enemy even if they deserved the agony and pain.  My veins are basically useless and are just getting worse with the continual poking and prodding of the needles. So yeah I think I will go finish updating my siggy club then go and be emo for bit and write a poem or two. Not much else to say and shit else I can do!