The Vampire Named Elaina

  • May. 5th, 2009 at 1:15 PM
poeticsoul: (Default)
You want to know a real vampire?  Come talk to me and I'll tell you the tale of the vampire named Elaina.  LOL! In all seriousness I am literally down about the way shit is going right now.  I have to have 7 pints of blood transfused in the next few days starting tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow I will be getting 3 pints.  Thursday I go for a type & cross (a way to find a donor).  Friday I get 2 more units, plus a type and cross.  Then I go for 2 more on Monday.  Hopefully it'll get me through to have surgery on the 14th.  This truly fucking sucks.  Tired of being a pincushion and tired of blood transfusions.  I want to cry so bad that I basically am fighting my own inner self to not do it.  It's a hard fight.  Watch I'll end up giving up that fight and crying myself to sleep!  I am so tempted to say fuck it and just deal with the agonizing pain to the point of needing a wheelchair.  I hate this life!  I wouldn't wish this shit on my own worst enemy even if they deserved the agony and pain.  My veins are basically useless and are just getting worse with the continual poking and prodding of the needles. So yeah I think I will go finish updating my siggy club then go and be emo for bit and write a poem or two. Not much else to say and shit else I can do!