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A Lil Bit..

  • Nov. 5th, 2009 at 11:25 AM
poeticsoul: (Sookie Vampire In Your Cleavage)
Just a little update on things here.  Still trapped in my bed.  It's driving me stir-crazy. I go out yesterday but it wasn't exactly fun.  It was JB's 32nd birthday so he picked me up and took me to a party his sister was throwing for him.  Turns out she invited more of her friends from work than his own friends.  She made it a birthday/business party. Some party. Snoozeville. JB said fuck it so Russ, Tommy, and I left. We ended up back at JB's place to drink.  Russ did 18 shots of Everclear and some other shit  that I stopped watching his intake.  I just did a couple shots of Everclear, had 4 screwdrivers, and 2 double shots of Kamikazes. Tommy just had beers and JB just had jack and cokes.  Got home around 3 this morning. Russ and Tommy are at work with headaches.  JB who knows. Seems fine to tweet though.  Russ is just spouting off on Twitter when he can.  Tommy is silent.  I'm fine though.

Stupid knees kill though.  I wish fall/winter season was over so I could get them fixed. Blah!  I updated my pixel site yesterday with a few things from Lovelight Pixels.  Just downloaded some things from Odd Pixels to work on when I can sit long enough.  I also bought a tube set from Rosey Posey Pixels.  Eh. Frankly this pain dampens my want to be on my computer much less be creative much. It sucks.  Big time. Well I am off. My knee is hurting sitting at this computer, but I had a serious pile of email to go through.