With Friends Like These...

  • Sep. 16th, 2009 at 5:27 PM
poeticsoul: (Lafayette Shake It Like A Salt Shaker)
Let me tell you about what lovely friends I have. *rolls eyes* Okay Kris knows I have been ordered to strict bedrest for a year. Now get this little trip. Well our friend Angi is moving her stuff into her new apartment and has Kris helping during the daytime on Friday. So Angi IM's me yesterday asking if I will watch Vito so they don't have him to deal with. Now I have an hour of PT every Friday and they both know this. However, that doesn't matter nor is it the point. 1 why isn't Kris asking me? 2 the most important point imho is why the fuck are you asking me to babysit period when I am on strict orders for bedrest and not to lift anything heavier than 5 pounds (Vito weighs 32 pounds). I can't even bend far. How the hell would I pick him up to change his damn diaper? Oh and if my knee gave out while I have him in my arms not only do I risk my hip popping out but I could hurt him. Granted he's a husky bruiser but still! Are they gonna take care of me when my hip pops out and I am serious agony waiting for surgery to get it popped back in? Hell to the fuck no! I hate how majority of the time they are totally inconsiderate of me and the shit I do deal with. Yeah I may not fucking work, have no car, and only one child but I do have a chronic illness, major depression, and joints that fall apart thanks to my chronic illness causing avascular necrosis. Oh and did I mention my mortality rate is lower than theirs? Oh yeah I don't have enough shit on my own plate give me yours too. Forget the point that my mom's standing with her company is unknown since they sold it but haven't stated if they are keeping the employees or not. Yeah pile it on. Okay I am done bitching since I am tired but I am still pissed off and I am gonna say shove it to them.


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