Eww Weekend!

  • Sep. 13th, 2009 at 7:56 PM
poeticsoul: (Default)
This weekend was just hell upon my body. One I went through withdrawls of my pain medicine oxycontin. Now I know why they say that shit is addictive. You take it because the withdrawls make you feel really abnormal. I haven't spent a decent moment without feeling pain, queasy, wobbly, or just not me!!! Today I have the stomach flu on top of the withdrawls. Such a suck ass weekend. I didn't want to spend it all in my damn bed. I haven't felt comfortable at one second. Not only does this suck but my bed sucks to hell for comfort as well. I just want some normalcy back but I prefer to get it without the oxycontin thank you! Well I am off to watch the VMA's and Kanye can't keep his mouth shut!!!

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