• Sep. 10th, 2009 at 10:23 PM
poeticsoul: (do i look like i give two shits about yo)
Apparently I don't exist to my family that I reside with today. You'd think the person who gave birth to me on this day would remember my birthday. My own mother and my own child forgot about it completely. How is that for making someone feel like they seriously don't exist?! Even my own extended family and my friends remembered that I was born. My extended family rarely remember it so to have them all remember it was odd too. I am depressed that my immediate family didn't remember it at all. My mom says to my son that they need to make it up to me. Uh um I wasn't born on a later date I was born today. Too late to say happy birthday later on. Since my family couldn't do the job my friends and I are going outside, get a fire going, and celebrate. Yeah I'm a tad pissed off too!


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