Where's the fast forward button?

  • Sep. 9th, 2009 at 9:13 AM
poeticsoul: (Eric Those Were Great Pumps)
Not looking forward to tomorrow at all. Tomorrow will be my thirty-first birthday. I dread turning 31 especially since my life has been even more suck ass when I turned thirty! It all goes downhill from here ladies and gents. I feel like I am turning 81 instead so can we please fast forward and just skip tomorrow all together? I know I'd really appreciate that. The sucky part of it? I still live at home with mama. Can't change it unfortunately but if I could so would have when I turned 21. However, it's a decade later and I'm still on that same ass boat that paddles in circles in the huge mother fucking ocean. The only life preserver I have from here is the m word. Marriage. However, that ain't gonna happen seeing as I am not in a relationship and refuse to be in one since all I attract is assholes. That would make for an unhealthy marriage. Along with my self-esteem/abuse issues that spells utter disaster. So yeah I really want a fast forward button.

I am still sleepy so I am off to bed now that everyone is gone. I have PT today so I want as much rest as I can have before he wears my muscles out and kills my knee even more. Toodles!


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